Cue’s Vision

Our team came together to allow people to access important information about their bodies whenever, wherever they want.

Many of us are aware that the healthcare system is a challenging way to access deep information about our bodies, with long lines, long wait times, and unpredictable costs. We believe our product will fundamentally change the way we interact with the healthcare system by allowing on demand information that you want.

With powerful information, we can be proactive about our health, rather than just reactive.

We started with a “What if...?”

What if people could detect flu as soon as it starts? What if people could see how exercise and food are shaping their bodies at the molecular level?

The power of the idea is immense. Over time, having on demand access to important indicators of health could reshape the way we, as a society respond to a pandemic and how healthy we live our lives for ourselves and our loved ones.

We spent 4 years building the technology to make this idea a reality.

People all around the world have responded very positively to the idea of self-tracking for things like step counting, food logging, and other tracking activities, showing how people are intrinsically motivated to become healthier. We hope our products will provide a powerful tool to fulfill people's innate desire to be healthy and happy, but at a level never before possible outside of a lab.

We think combining our powerful biosensor technology with mobile technology creates a synergy that can change the way we all approach health.

Our Team

Ayub Khattak
Clint Sever
Chief Product Officer
Dr. Brad Younggren
Chief Medical Officer
Dino Di Carlo
Microfluidics, UCLA
Joseph Wang
Biosensors, UCSD
Kevin Plaxco
Biosensors, UCSB
Srinivasa Reddy
Heart Health; UCLA
Board Member
Robin Farias-Eisner
Surgeon / Cancer Researcher, UCLA
Board Member
Scot Herbst
Product Design Advisor
Partner at Herbst Produkt
Ren Sun
Virology, UCLA